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Estre is an engineering company with long history. Today we are a modern European enterprise that develops and manufactures efficient equipment for agricultural, forestry and road maintenance segments.

Our predecessor was founded at the beginning of the Republic of Estonia, when Eesti Masinatarvitajate Ühistu (Estonian Association of Machinery Users) started to operate in Tartu, on the basis of which Tartu Auto ja Traktori Remonditehas (Tartu Car and Tractor Repair Factory) was founded in 1944. In 1953 the enterprise was named as Tartu Remonditehas (Tartu Repair Factory) and Tartu Inter-regional Overhaul Workshop (Tartu rajoonidevaheline kapitaalremondi töökoda) was attached to it, taking over also Ahja MTJ in 1959. In 1965 Tartu Testing Repair Factory (Tartu Katseremondi Tehas) was founded and worked until the end of the Soviet regime. In 1991 the factory was privatised and got a new name – AS Estre, being one of the first private industrial enterprises in Estonia after the restoration of independence. As with the majority of previous Soviet industries the re-orientation from the planned economy to free market economy was not easy for AS Estre either. The global recession, which broke out at the end of 2008 was also a difficult period for the enterprise; however, the year 2009 proved to be an historical turning point for the enterprise, when the entrepreneurs with long-term export and metal industry experience became the new owners. At now the enterprise operates as Estre Masinaehitus OÜ in the Metec Group.

Today the production of Estre is characterised by strong construction, reliable components, modern design and first-class comfort of use. All equipment developed and manufactured in Estonia.

Become familiar with our product range and consult with specialists and we are sure that can make your agricultural, forestry and road maintenance activity more effective.

Estre timeline
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